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The album is here! Click the cover below to head to our Bandcamp page to preview and order.

Have an event coming up? In need of some good ol’ picking and/or grinning? Need someone to enliven the hearts and voices of your gathered masses? COVID may impact our availability…

Book us! (click here…)

Who We Are

Four strapping young(ish) gentlemen who rest their heads in Charlotte, NC and surrounding environs. Gathered together through the power of the Internet, and across the some several degrees of social connection that weave us all into this tapestry of life. Known far and wide for our mellifluous strumming, picking, and harmonizing of repertoire old and new. From Monroe to Motown, old ballads to blues breakdowns, original compositions to popular transpositions—we aim to delight. Guaranteed to get voices to singing and libations to flowing at any gathering, hootenany, soiree, shindig, or societal function. We just want you to sing along.


Brian “Doc” Sullivan

Adam “Hitch” Nannini

Graham “Buster” McGoogan

Matthew “Kidd” Files

A snippet of a new tune…
“Me and Magdalena” cover of a Monkee’s Tune
“Atlas” in Rehearsal

More videos over on our YouTube channel…

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